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Now seeking Temecula & San Diego  Homestay Families!
Why should I be a Host Family?
As a Host Family you will benefit greatly from the experience of having an International Student in your home.
Listed below are a few of the benefits our Host Families have enjoyed:
  • You will make a life-long friend with your International Student, which will help to create understanding and peace in the world.
  • Your family life will be enriched by having an International Student in your home. Your family will learn about another culture and country without the expense of visiting the country.
  • Your children will benefit from sharing their home with another student. They will learn to live with a “brother” or “sister” and develop a relationship that will endure for a life-time.
  • You will benefit by meeting other Host Families in your area and making connections within your community.
 Who can be a Host Family?
Host families come from many different ethnic backgrounds, religions, and cultures. Host Families often represent the “mosaic culture” of American life, including:
  • Families with or without children
  • Retired people
  • Families with extended members i.e. grandparents in the same home
  • Families from different ethnic and religious backgrounds
  • Families interested in other cultures
  • Families who are compassionate
  • Families who are interested in international exchange
  • Families who will ensure the safety of their international student

What are the Host Family requirements?

  • The parents of the Host Family must be American Citizens.
  • English must be the main language spoken clearly in the family. Students must hear only English; this includes the TV, Radio and telephone. Guests coming into the home must agree to speak only English.
  • Provide one meal a day on weekdays (Dinner) and two meals a day on weekends. Evening snack to be available until 9 p.m.
  • Have no more than 2 (two) International students in your home at any one time and each student must speak a different native language.
  • Provide a safe, clean home with a private bedroom for the student.
  • Provide supervision of the home at all times, the host family will not leave the student alone overnight or for extended periods. Other accommodation must be provided or a suitable adult brought into the home if the Host Family must leave the home overnight.
  • Provide help to the student learning about public transportation and accompany the student to and from the school or academic center the first time.
  • Provide Internet service.
  • Provide ACEP with a Criminal Record check for adults in the home over the age of 18.
  • Sign a Host Family Agreement with ACEP.
  • Provide ACEP and the International student with one month’s notice if they wish to terminate the homestay.
Homestay families receive generous compensation for their time and effort. Many families use this money to pay for their own children college tuition and expenses.  For more information feel free to call at 619.507.5269 or email our homestay coordinator at to express interest.

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