• Short-term cross cultural
    educational exchange
  • Dwight Howard
  • American and Chinese Summer Exchange Programs
  • American and Chinese Administrator and Teacher Exchange Program


Image American Culture and Education Program coordinates short term summer and winter student programs during the summer and winter. Programs allow American and Chinese students the chance to interact through classroom immersion, team building, sightseeing, cultural exchange modules, overnight camping, sports and home-stay experiences.


Image Administration and Teacher education programs allow international education board leaders, school administrators and teachers the opportunity to meet with American education leadership professionals, administrators and teachers. These short term programs allow foreign administrators to gain a deeper understanding of the American education system, share educational advances in pedagogy and build cooperative relationships with their international counterparts.

Sister School Programs

Image American Culture and Education Program Inc. specializes in sister school and cultural exchange partnerships between American and Chinese elementary, middle schools, high schools and universities. Our sister school programs build a platform that facilitates mutually beneficial exchange partnerships.

Why China and the United States?

China and the United States are the two largest nations in the world. It is critical for both countries to share information, educational best practices and dialogue. American Culture and Education Program believes through education and cultural exchange both countries can provide opportunities for youth to understand and appreciate Chinese and American culture.

Bridging the Cultural GAP.

American Culture and Education Program greatest asset are our people. Our staff is comprised of cultural exchange experts in both the United States and China. This allows us to develop unique programs and relationships with educational decision makers in both the United States and China.